Whether your cat is a young cat that has just been weaned or an older cat that needs help to keep itself healthy, it’s important to give them essential nutrients in their daily diet through supplements for cats. Essential oils are great options for supplements for cats as well because they are all-natural and made with plants rather than chemicals. Here’s why you should give your cat essential oils:

They’re tasty. Unlike cat food, which is often bland and tastes bad, pet supplements for cats often come in flavors that cats really enjoy. Some even go as far as to taste like food! Also, you won’t have to worry about them going bad since they are pure, plant-based ingredients. While pet supplements for cats will usually contain a small percentage of other compounds and vitamins, the bulk of the contents is made up of essential fatty acids, minerals, and other plant nutrients.

They improve nutrition. By providing your cat with quality supplements for cats, you can actually improve his health by adding necessary nutrients to his diet. One of these is the B vitamin family, which is particularly important for cats with kidney disease. Cats with kidney disease often have low levels of other vital nutrients and by supplementing his food with these B vitamins he can get enough of them to make sure he gets the right amount of everything he needs to stay healthy.

They’re easy to digest. Most cat supplements for cats don’t come in pills, powders, or other forms that are so difficult for your cat’s digestive system to process. Instead, they are designed to be chewed, dissolved in the mouth, and then absorbed into the cat’s body through his saliva. This makes them easy to take regularly and even easier for cats with digestive problems to digest.

They’re safer than commercial brands. Unlike pet food that may contain harmful chemicals, most cat supplements are made with natural ingredients. This means they aren’t going to harm your cat in any way. Unfortunately, some cat foods use cheap materials like corn and other vegetable oils that are bad for cats in one significant way: by promoting inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation can lead to disease, heart disease, and cancer, so you must choose a high-quality product that uses organic or wild-caught oils instead.

They’re cheaper than the big brand names. There are a few brands of cat vitamins out there that actually cost less than some of the more popular brands that you’ll find at the store. In many ways, it comes down to price. When you buy name-brand products, you have to spend more money on advertising. Natural supplements for cats need far less money to manufacture, so they can offer you essential products without breaking your budget.

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They have all the benefits of a balanced diet. There’s no reason to think that you can’t give your pets supplements for cats if you’re not feeding them commercial food. They still need fish oil, which is an essential nutrient, as well as essential fatty acids, which are plentiful in fish oil, and many other vitamins and minerals your pet need.

To get the best benefit from fish oil, however, make sure that you buy a product that offers both essential fatty acids and fish oil. Otherwise, you could be giving your catfish oil that’s low in omega 3. The best supplements for cats also contain a special form of DHA or dihaemodiodixen, which’s been shown to help improve memory and attention span in aging cats. For these reasons, a holistic vet recommends omega 3 products whenever possible.